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Time Management for Students and Professionals - Webinar

Time Management for Students and Professionals - Webinar

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This is your ticket to the first-ever Grad Life Grind Time Management Webinar for Students and Professionals! This webinar covers all things time management, including:

  • Strategies for scheduling, task tracking, and project management
  • Tools you can use to better manage your time
  • Tips for prioritization
  • Answers to your questions on time management
  • And more!

The webinar is hosted by Grad Life Grind founder and clinical psychology doctoral candidate, Aeriell. She shares insights and tips on how to make the most of your limited time as a college or graduate student or busy professional.

Simply add this item to your cart and receive a PDF booklet that contains:

  • The webinar recording (60+ mins)
  • Links to all the resources mentioned in the webinar


    • $4.99: Recording of the webinar + PDF are included


    • This webinar occurred live on 10/8/2023.
    • The contents of the webinar and PDF booklet do not constitute academic or professional advice and are for educational purposes only.


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